Returning for its third year, the aim of the BRNO DESIGN DAYS festival is to showcase design as a part of everyday life to its visitors.

We aspire to increase the public awareness of design, present positive change and new ideas and their contribution and value for entrepreneurship.

This year’s programme presents inventive instances of such changes and ideas, introduced by the best speakers from the Czech Republic and abroad.


Following the previous themes IMMERSE and UNSEEN, this year’s event is about DISCLOSING secrets. We will hear about the designer’s processes of creation, their untold stories and, if we ask nicely, they will unveil secret projects which have not been released yet. Sometimes unfinished ideas are the most dear to the designers, such as rejected concepts or thoughts which are too ahead of the times we live in.

The location of the festival is not chosen randomly. Every year, the event takes place at architectonically significant sites which were indispensable in their era, yet are not frequently in use today.

We want to point these places out and, at least for a moment, breathe new life into them through the best of design. This year, we’re looking forward to seeing you in Hotel AVION at Česká street.

The initiator and the main curator of Brno Design Days is Alexandra Georgescu, the co-founder of Studio KOGAA, which creates a unique location proposal and architectural layout for each year of the festival.

The production team is a mix of young and talented creatives who are enthusiastic about top-notch design. Thanks to the festival, they can present it not only to Brno’s citizens, but also to the rest of the country.

The tickets for the third year of BRNO DESIGN DAYS are available now.
The festival starts on Thursday, October 4. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!