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Brno, design and four days of loaded program. Designers from all over the Czech Republic and abroad will meet for the fourth time at Brno Design Days, share ideas and know-how and they will introduce design to the general public as a driving force for innovation and several positive changes. Because design is a daily part of our lives.

You can look forward to hands-on workshops, lectures focusing on various areas of design and business, fashion shows and countless opportunities for networking.

Never been to the Brno Design Days? See what the past years looked like.

Location Every year, the event takes place at architectonically significant sites which were indispensable in their era, yet are not frequently in use today. You have looked in the passage of Jalta, hotel Avion or Vlněna in previous years with us… And this year we will meet in KUMST.
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Topic 2020
We live in a time of RE...
RE-THINK the way we work...
RE-USE materials and resources…
RE-GENERATE our souls and bodies…
RE-DESIGN for a new way of living…

At BDD we strongly believe design is an important tool for our society: it's a way of thinking and finding solutions to the most complex problems. In these uncertain times, creatives have proven to be flexible, fast, and smart thinkers, with a sensitivity towards the planet, and its living creatures. It is about doing the right thing. BDD20 is a very important year, the 5th edition of the festival brings with itself a new wave of ideas, new energy given by experience and strength from loyal partners and sponsors. This year's event will explore the ways creatives from the different fields from fashion to food, to interiors, and graphics are making the their work and in their personal lives. The festival will bring to the table both local and international names, to join in B2B events, talks, workshops, fashion shows, design shop, and much more.
Alexandra Georgescu

Events & program
Barbara Jung

Graphic design

Motion graphics
Martin Egrt

Social networks & copywriting
Anna Kremláčková

Student exhibition
Josef Řehák, Sarah Szökeová

Fashion show
Tomáš Gál

PR & media
Sarah Szökeová

Nikola Linhart


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